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Mission: Decentralize the Internet

What Is Dither? #

Dither is an open source toolbox for creating privacy-respecting decentralized applications capable enough to replace most centralized services on the Internet. Dither will allow for any programmer to develop applications with no central points of failure, no single organization control, no censorship, and no surveillance by companies or governments.

Why we need it #

The Internet has a major problem: it is too centralized. Vast swaths of services depend on just a few companies to keep everything running smoothly. This creates centralized points of failure for the internet, and when those points go down or get hacked, mayhem ensues. This is an especially concerning problem when these services collect so much information about our lives. Our personal data is stored in giant datacenters, subject to the whims of companies, governments, and circumstance. Dither aims to change this by making it easy for users to control their own data.

Core Tenets #

These are some work-in-progress principles for how Dither and its communities should be designed:

Dither should be as modular as possible.

Dither protocols, formats, and communities should be as interoperable as possible with existing protocols, formats, and communities

Dither should rely on itself as much as possible.

More details on Dither’s Core Tenets can be found here

The Core Services of Dither #

Dither is at its core a piece of software that allows applications built on top of it to do a few funamdental things:

In addition to these two primary services, applications can use various other services to create a cohesive decentralized, private, and trustless internet.

General Structure #

In accordance with the first tenant of Dither, Dither’s core is built in small, interdependent modules. However, to make these modules as sandboxed as possible, interactions with the system and the user will not be run as Dither modules for the time being.

Roadmap #

Currently, Dither is in the simulation phase. Creating decentralized protocols is difficult, and much testing needs to be done to make sure everything works. Simulations of dither will done in the libdither repository using the shadow network simulator for its ability to do reproducible tests on production binaries.

Once Dither moves out of the simulation phase, the first proof-of-concept application will be a chat app as outlined in the Dither Chat application spec.

Community #

It is just me working on this project for now and it will probably stay that way until I can finish the core parts of Dither. Nevertheless, I am open to conversation, critique, and contributions on GitHub and Dither’s Matrix Space. Come stop by and say hi!