Dither Application Index

List of application Ideas

  • Dither Chat - Community Chat application aiming to replace Discord. Provides e2ee encrypted DMs, voice chat, servers, voting, and integration with most other chat protocols.
  • Dithca - Comprehensive & Versatile decentralized comment system where anyone can comment on any type of data structure on Dither. Can interface with most other centralized comment systems and deal with misinformation & crediting using a comprehensive community flagging system.
    • Can be used to create Reddit / Twitter Replacement. Can be integrated into other Dither applications or ported to web.
  • Dithgit - Github on Dither
  • Dithix - Dither Resource Manager: Manage and cache any kind of resource, interface between the Merkle Tree and the Filesystem.
  • Nomia on Dither - Nomia on Dither,
  • Tree of Math - Directed Acyclic Graph linking a standardized data structure for defintions and proofs together based on set theory creating a comprehensive tree of knowledge.
  • Dither Coin - Cryptocurrency that solves all the current problems and creates a complete digital replication of cash (being decentralized, anonymous, non-volatile, and difficult to trace).
  • Dither DEX - A all-faceted decentralized exchange to facilitate trade any kind of real or virtual asset. Supports meeting up in real life or exchanging other virtual assets anonymously and securely. Also supports moderation, karmic filtering
  • Protocol of Truth

Other Application Ideas:

  • Manga & Reading App
    • UI will be similar to Tachiyomi, but will also support book reading. Pulls content from various websites and stores on Dither. Written in Flutter, desktop & mobile versions. Supports comments through Dithca. Has built-in feature for paying for translation & replacing bad translations with better translations if they are made.
  • YouTube replacement
    • pulls and stores videos in a decentralized, uncensorable manner from any site that youtube-dl supports
    • Built-in chat (Using Dithca protocol)
    • Community-generated captions, sections, sponsor segments (pulled from sponsorblock) flagging etc.
    • Support for likes, view counting (and congregating), and "Hearts" (method of giving Dither Coin to creators).
    • Automatic community flagging of stolen/used content (including music, other people's videos, meme origins, pretty much anything)
    • Community misinformation flagging of content (interfaces with Dithca)
  • Peer-to-Peer Exchange
    • Allow for the exchange