User Magagement

Desirable Properties

  • Flexible Provenance
    • A user should be able to choose how strong the link between the data they publish and themselves is. (i.e. optional / zk proof / ring signature signing)
  • Flexible Privacy
    • A user should be able to choose to a reasonable extent who can see the data they publish. (i.e. one-to-many group-based publishing)
  • Multi-device support & Realistic recovery mechanisms from compromised devices.
    • If a user looses access to their devices or a mechanism of authentication (password) or device gets compromised, there should be realistic mechanisms to recover the damage both to the public and privately.
  • Anonymous Collective Feedback
    • For mechanisms of collective feedback (like/dislike counters, analytics), the data associated with the feedback event should not in general be attributable to a particular group, but should be verifiable that it was a unique member of the group that did the feedback.
  • Flexible Storage Permissions
    • Encrypted data associated with a user, stored across many different computers, should support permission hierarchies based on the sensitivity of the data. I.e. requiring more factors of authentication.
  • Web-of-trust Identity
    • Data associated with a user's identity should be vouchable by other users (in a web-of-trust) or by mechanistic processes. The identifying data should


  • Scuttlebutt
  • Polycentric